2009 Harley-Davidson Iron 883新車抵港

Photos: Jerry / Loretta      Bike: Techno Harley-Davidson of HK




883 Iron™ Model Overview
With a defiant attitude embracing the pure essence of riding, the new Iron 883™ model is the latest Harley-Davidson Dark Custom™ motorcycle. The Iron 883 provides responsive handling, smooth clutch effort and durable carbon reinforced drive belt while pushing the styling of motorcycling minimalism to the edge. Decked in black from fender-to-fender, the new Harley-Davidson Iron 883 motorcycle brings the beat of an 883 Evolution® engine backed up by a combo of gritty, old-school garage features like front fork gaiters, and drag style handlebar.


The black powder-coated 883cc Evolution powertrain with black covers takes the Iron 883 motorcycle deep into the heart of darkness. With Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) and performance tuning with a broad torque curve, the Iron 883 delivers plenty of power for the city scene. 


The black chopped rear fender with its combination stop/turn/tail lights shows more of the 150 mm rear tire and black, 13-spoke cast aluminum wheel, while the front tire also rides on a black wheel. The rest of the Iron 883 gets a darker-suited presence with black front forks and fender supports, fuel tank, belt guard, drag style handlebar and mid mount foot controls. A classic solo seat with a height of 25.3 inches fits the lone rider, while a passenger seat and a backrest in complementing black finishes can be added as accessories.


Iron 883 features and highlights:
a.. Rubber-mounted Evolution 883 cc V-Twin black powder-coated engine
  b.. Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
  c.. Black fuel tank with unique graphics
  d.. Black front forks with gaiters
  e.. Black belt guard and front fender supports
  f.. Black, 13-spoke cast aluminum wheels, 19-inch front / 16-inch rear
  g.. Black low rise drag style handlebar
  h.. Black mid-mount foot controls
  i.. Black low profile front fender
  j.. Black chopped rear fender with combination rear stop/tail/turn lights
  k.. One-piece, solo Sportster classic seat
  l.. 25.3-inch seat height
  m.. Optional Harley-Davidson Smart Security System
  n.. Classic 3.3-gallon fuel tank


Iron 883概覽
Iron 883是哈利大衛信深色特訂系列最新型號電單車,為電單車愛好者帶來極大的駕駛樂趣。 Iron 883 的優良的操控性,順暢的傳動力及強化碳纖皮帶把簡約的風格推至極點。 Iron 883採用883cc Evolution引擎、黑色主調、前叉飾以膠綑、後延式的手把,帶出了復古的味道。


全黑的883cc Evolution 引擎令Iron 883倍添深沉魅力。 電子點火配合強大扭力使Iron 883有足夠動力應付城市環境需要。 較短尾沙板及組裝尾燈使其150mm尾呔和黑色的魅力更為特出。 前呔配以十三柱鑄鋁合金車輪。 Iron 883 全身包括前叉、沙板支架、油缸、皮帶蓋、手把及中置控制桿均採用黑色為主調。 原廠25.3吋高的單坐設計適合個人需要,亦可改為靠背雙坐。


Iron 883的特點
黑色Evolution 883cc V Twin引擎及底座膠
可加裝H-D Smart Security System 防盜裝置