2010 MOTO GUZZI V12 LM/STRADA/ V12 X  新車速報


Moto Guzzi在09米蘭車展上展出一款名為V12系列的三臺概念車。別誤會V12會有12個汽缸。其實引擎仍是一臺風冷90度夾角,橫向擺放的V2引擎。V12的排氣量是1151cc,馬力輸出雖然未有公佈,但新車焦點是集中在設計品味。CARC軸傳動配合單搖臂設計,尾避震也放水平擺放在單搖臂上,視覺效果滿分。


"Pure riding pleasure, but this is just the beginning"

Miguel Galluzzi e Pierre Terblanche - two of the most brilliant motorcycle designers of all time - teamed up to present us with
their styling exercises centred around the very essence of the Moto Guzzi brand - its legendary in-line twin-cylinder engine.

The V12 prototypes have been developed around the 1,200 cc 4-valve 90-degree V-twin from Mandello, so much so that they were even named after it.  The prototypes feature innovative details and solutions, like the concept bikes they are. Noteworthy are the cutting-edge rear suspension of the V12 LeMans, the LCD “rear-view mirrors”, the LED light units, the “suspended” passenger footpegs and the heat sinks.  Moto Guzzi V12 LM, V12 Strada and V12 X are three  extraordinary Italian motorcycles.

1-     MOTO GUZZI V12 LM: This is the Italian sports bike reinvented, true to the legacy of the legend of Le Mans it is named after.  This bike is for those who want an exclusive motorcycle to ogle and to own for the utmost riding pleasure. The bike provides excellent performance under all riding conditions and easy rideability for all to enjoy. Like the other two versions, the V12 LM combines luxury details (height adjustment for top fairing and handlebar) with innovative, yet well-proven components.

2-     Moto Guzzi V12 STRADA: This is the essential bike and the most versatile model in the V12 range. Perfect for everyday
commuting, comfortable for two-up riding, with perfect naked ergonomics. The touring-style handlebar is matched by the generously sized tail fairing capable of accommodating a comfortable passenger saddle. The V12 Strada sports a range of technical solutions and aesthetic details built around the Moto Guzzi twin-cylinder engine, that would have been unthinkable with a conventional engine layout. The passenger footpegs are connected to the swingarm through a linkage system and look as if they were floating in air, enhancing that sleek, uncluttered look that is at the core of the styling concept.

3-     Moto Guzzi V12 X: this is a "one-of-a-kind" motorcycle, true to the character of the Guzzi twin-cylinder. The focus is on
riding fun, and is enhanced by its aggressive design. The V12 X is the motorcycle for aggressive riders that begs to be pushed to the limit. Born to show off and fun to ride, this motorcycle is in a category of its own. Its spirited personality is highlighted by
the aggressive riding position, a sports-like chassis set-up, longer suspension travel and a rev happy engine.


90° V-twin engine, 4 valves per cylinder

Engine capacity

1,151 cc

Max. power


Max. torque


Exhaust system

2 into 1 stainless steel exhaust with 3-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor (Euro 3)



Final drive

Compact reactive cardan shaft drive system called CA.R.C.; double cardan joint and floating bevel gear seat