2010 Piaggio MP3 LT 300 ie/400 ie 新車速報 11 Nov 2009

隨著Piaggio集團的278cc單缸引擎上架,世上第一臺以傾斜式轉向的雙頭輪綿羊Piaggio MP3 250,在宣佈會在2010正式升級為MP3 300(400仍然健在)。新舊引擎的馬力輸出的分別,焦點在於更低轉數和更高扭力。駕駛者即使以同一步伐前進,駕駛MP3 300會感到較為輕鬆。
Piaggio is proud to present the MP3 LT, the only scooter that you can ride with a driver's licence. Today the smallest of the LT range, the 250, has grown to 300.

The new engine capacity means greater benefits in terms of both performance, with more thrust at lower speeds, and of consumption, which is optimised with the adoption of the innovative Ride By Wire system for electronic throttle grip control. MP3 LT 300 also goes beyond the type approval restrictions of the 250 to gain full access to ring roads and toll motorways. Derived from the revolutionary Piaggio MP3 range, MP3 LT maintains all the MP3’s advanced solutions, as well as the safe, fun riding characteristics that have made the first three-wheel scooter such an outstanding success.

The dimensions of a compact maxi scooter combined with amazing agility make the Piaggio MP3 LT completely at home in the city centre where it is also safe and easy to park thanks to an electro-hydraulic system that locks the front suspension and allows it to stand upright even without the aid of its stand.

Piaggio MP3 LT boasts incredibly short braking distances that are unmatched by anything else in the scooter world: Thanks to a triple disc braking system and the exceptional grip afforded by the two front wheels, stopping distances are 20% shorter than those of the best conventional scooters. When the road leaves the town behind, the Piaggio MP3 LT really shows what it is made of. Road holding, cornering safety and lean angle unattainable for conventional scooters guarantee immense riding satisfaction on fast country roads.

Thanks to its larger front track of 465 mm, the Piaggio MP3 LT can be ridden by holders of a normal driver's licence even though it is equipped with powerful 300 and 400 engines offering far greater performance than the 125 cc engines to which driver's licence holders were previously restricted.

Piaggio MP3 LT is available in two engine sizes: 300 and 400. Both engines are ultra-modern, powerful but ecological 4 stroke units with four valve heads and liquid cooling, and conform to the most stringent European emission standards. Engine performance has been increased in the mid-size range, from 250 to 300, to maximise pick-up and acceleration, essential qualities for both city commuting and tourist use.

The brand-new 300 cc also boasts an absolutely impressive technological supremacy: use of the highly advanced Ride by Wire technology for the electronic throttle grip control. The Piaggio MP3 300 ie does not have any mechanical connection between the throttle grip control and the throttle valve located in the intake duct that modulates the amount of air to mix with the petrol. The
result of the electronic control is an optimised air/fuel mixture, which turns into smoother power delivery and therefore into enhanced riding comfort. Lower consumption and fewer emissions.

The Master 400 engine is a 4-valve, 4-stroke unit with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection. This engine is the top of the LT range with a power output of 34 bhp at 7,500 rpm and 37.6 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.


Piaggio MP3 LT 400 ie (300 ie) – Technical Specifications 


4-stroke single cylinder

Engine capacity

398.9 cc (278 cc)

Bore x stroke

85.8 mm / 69 mm (75 mm / 63 mm)


34 hp at 7,500 rpm (22.5 hp at 7,500 rpm)


37.6 Nm at 5,500 rpm (24 Nm at 5,750 rpm)

Timing system

Single overhead camshaft (SOHC) - 4 valves

Fuel system

Electronic fuel injection (with Ride By Wire control)




Wet sump




Twist-and-go CVT with torque server


Automatic, centrifugal dry clutch


Double cradle in high strength tubular steel

Front Suspension

Articulated quadrilateral consisting of four aluminium arms sustaining two steering tubes, and pull rod suspension geometry with offset wheel axle - Wheel travel: 85 mm

Rear suspension

Double dual action hydraulic shock absorber with adjustable spring preload - Stroke: 110 mm

Front brake

Two 240 mm discs

Rear brake

240 mm Ø disc

Front wheel rim

Aluminium alloy 12" x 3.00

Rear wheel rim

Aluminium alloy 14" x 4.50 (14" x 3.75)

Front tyre

Tubeless 120/70-12”

Rear tyre

Tubeless 140/70-14'' (140/60-14”)


2,180 mm (2,130 mm) / 745 mm

Front track

465 mm


1,550 mm (1,490 mm)

Seat height

785 mm (780 mm)

Fuel tank capacity

12 litres