Husqvarna Enduro Model Range 2016

25 June 2015    新車查詢:騎士自家店

不知道是否為了慶賀FE450於2014年取得 world Enduro championship冠軍的關係,Husqvarna在2015年六月份率先發佈2016年款式的Enduro最新產品,特别留意把原來 Husky power 價值千多元的"動力模式選擇系統"列入標準裝備之內,正呀。

2016年新款產品主要分別有:1)全新拉花  2) 新Seat位皮  3) fork guard有新貼紙    4)尾牙改用經過陽極硬化處理的鋁合金材料製造,藍色夠易認。   5) 前後避震經 fine tune setting後行駛更舒適    6)新花紋前後菊花煞車碟

Closely linked to their continued sporting successes, Husqvarna’s new 2016 enduro model range sees notable improvements and refinements. Engine, chassis and suspension upgrades focused on improving off-road performance ensure the highest grade of Enduro development available.

Sharp and modern bodywork with a Swedish design approach, high-tech chassis and engines, rear link suspension, premium components together with long service intervals and high reliability, plus the largest capacity fuel tank on the market, guarantee Husqvarna Motorcycles have not rested in the development of their MY16 enduro range.

From the light and super-agile two-stroke TE 125 through to the breath taking performance of the four-stroke FE 501, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ premium enduro bikes once again feature seven models to cater for the needs of both competitive racers and weekend trail warriors. With easy rideability to support the rider in every situation there is no better choice when pioneering new terrain.

  • New 22 mm front axle
  • 22 mm offset triple clamps
  • Revised 4CS fork setup
  • New rear shock setup
  • New fork protectors with inmould graphics
  • Updated gearbox on FE 250 and FE 350
  • Updated DDS clutch on FE 450 and FE 501
  • Standard map switch
  • Modified lubrication system on FE 250 and FE 350
  • New front and rear disc brakes
  • New lightweight spokes
  • Blue anodised rear sprocket
  • New seat cover with high-grip and durable material
  • New colours and graphics

Together with Husqvarna’s off-road race teams, experienced designers and engineers have worked tirelessly to deliver important updates for the coming year. Extensive input into the 2016 models has come from Husqvarna’s top-level racers – Enduro 2 World Champion Pela Renet, Extreme Enduro star Graham Jarvis and AMA National Enduro Champion Andrew DeLong. Knowledge gained from competition lies at the heart of Husqvarna’s 2016 model improvements.

Chassis, suspension and engine enhancements deliver a lighter, more comfortable and competitive ride. Upgraded suspension geometry and revised settings, combined with a standard handlebar map switch improve handling, confidence and control.

On all 2016 enduro bikes a new lighter 22 mm front axle with optimised axle clamp dimensions replace the previous 26 mm axle to offer improved stability and better front-end feel. Shorter axle clamp offset also helps improve fork function.

High quality, anodised black CNC machined triple clamps on all bikes now feature a 22 mm offset. Designed to evenly distribute the clamping force on the fork leg, when combined with the new front axle and axle clamp geometry it ensures improved agility and stability. The triple clamps also allow for four handlebar positions to suit the needs of a wide variety of riders.

Complementing the front axle and triple clamp updates, the 4CS fork – now in its fourth year of production – has been further developed to improve damping, handling, plushness and rider comfort. Easy access clicker dials provide quick adjustments on the go. The high performance DCC (Dual Compression Control) rear link suspension made by WP has a revised setup perfectly matching the geometry and setup changes on the front-end, allowing the rider to command the trail with confidence.

An updated lightweight six-speed gearbox with enduro specific gearing has been fitted to all enduro models to ensure easy and precise shifting. Combined with the DDS clutch system and the premium Brembo hydraulic system means the MY16 enduro range delivers smoother shifting and consistent clutch action. For 2016 the FE450 and FE 501 clutch basket is now 80 grams lighter.

Modifications to the lubrication system on the FE 250 and FE 350 improve lubrication in extreme conditions while also helping to prevent damage against excessive oil fill-up.

Further developments for 2016 see new fork protectors, a standard ignition map switch, GFK disc brakes front and rear, lighter spokes with a weight saving of 100g, a sporty looking blue anodised Supersprox 2K rear sprocket, new seat cover and finally new colours and graphics that reflect Husqvarna’s traditional colours.