2017 Husqvarna SVARTPILEN 401/ VITPILEN 401 AERO/ VITPILEN 401

2017 Husqvarna 401
Svartpilen / Vitpilen Aero / Vitpilen
The new Husqvarna 401s are very much new and progressive motorcycles, where advanced engineering meets authentic design. They bring back the honest and pioneering spirit of pure motorcycle riding from the good old days into our modern times.
2017 Husqvarna SVARTPILEN 401
The Husqvarna 401 SVARTPILEN (Swedish for ‘Black Arrow’) is a golden-age inspired modern street bike that draws its design ethos from past iconic Husqvarnas. Reduced to the bare functional essentials, it’s free of gimmicks, gadgets and extravagant design embellishments.

It ensures a riding experience that honours the simple idea behind early, pioneering Husqvarnas. With a lightweight and powerful single-cylinder fourstroke engine in a compact chassis, the Husqvarna 401 SVARTPILEN provides a more upright, comfortable and natural riding position – designed to reflect the timeless authenticity evident in the growing revival of the motorcycling scene.
2017 Husqvarna VITPILEN 401 AERO
Based on the same unassuming 373cc single-cylinder platform as the Husavarna Vitpilen 401 and Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 motorcycles, the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Aero concept completes the post-authentic holy trinity of retro standards, scramblers, and café racers.
2017 Husqvarna VITPILEN 401
The Husqvarna 401 VITPILEN (Swedish for ‘White Arrow’) draws on the DNA of the pioneering 1953 Silverpilen.

With a ground-breaking design in its own right – interpreting the functional simplicity of the classic Silverpilen – it combines modern technology, cutting-edge design and high quality hardware to deliver an uncompromised, genuine riding experience for the street.

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