BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2016

04 June 2015   查詢:寶馬香港

Dear BMW GS Owners:
I’m pleased to announce that SouthEast Asia will now be officially represented in the legendary BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2016. As you might already know, the GS Trophy is  an Enduro challenge that is second to none, filled with Adventure, foreign cultures, new friendships, gravel, sand and dust – and absolute Sheer Riding Pleasure!  International three-man teams compete in intensive daily stages as well as numerous special challenges set to bring out the best in every rider.

In order to field our first-ever SEA team at the GS trophy, BMW Motorrad will organize a series of regional qualifiers to identify the very best Adventure riders we have here. The winning team will then compete for the grand GS Trophy right within our territory, as the next International GS Trophy will be also be held in SouthEast Asia!

The BMW Motorrad East Asia Regional Qualifying event will be held on October 2015 at the newly launched Enduro Park in Thailand – just an hour’s ride away from Bangkok. There, 15 riders from our markets will compete for the honor to join two other riders from other markets to form the first-ever SEA team.

The 15 slots have been allocated according to the volume of GS motorcycles sold in your markets. Given this, the allocation is as follows:

Taiwan: 6
Singapore: 2
Indonesia: 2
Philippines: 2
Vietnam: 2
Hong Kong: 1

As mentioned, the top rider selected among the 15 from your markets will be part of the 3-man SEA team competing at the International GS Trophy!  
In this regard, we invite you to enroll now by sending an email to so that we can keep you informed on local selection events and the cost involved.

Please note the following:
1.       Participants will be charged a fee that covers competition dues, accommodations, meals, transfers, etc. In addition, airfare, bike rentals, incidentals, etc. are excluded from this fee.
2.       Each three-man team will also have an accompanying journalist assigned to them. The selection process for this journalist is still being finalized.
3.       All male and female riders may be nominated as long as they are registered owners of a BMW GS model (proof to be provided) at the time of the qualifying and, if ever, international finals.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Lo
Manager - Motorcycle
BMW Concessionaires (HK) Limited
1/F, BMW House, 163 Matauwei Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

For more information on the GS Trophy, please log on to