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Interphone Tour

香港總代理:  龍森電子針車行
Interphone Tour is the flagship product in the new Interphone line from Cellularline.  Incomparable build quality and elegant design are the hallmarks of this new intercom, which is distinguished by a Matt Grey shell.

Cellularline 旗下最新產品 Interphone Tour 對講機 。 擁有卓越優質啞灰外殼完美質量優雅設計是Interphone Tour對講機的標誌。
Interphone Tour can link up to four motorcyclists communicating over a maximum distance of 1.5 km. Compatible with all smartphones equipped with Bluetooth® technology, it lets you receive and place phone calls, listen to music and follow navigation instructions along your route.

Interphone Tour可以連接多達四台電單車的通信超過最大距離1.5 公里。 與所有裝有 bluetooth ®技術的智能手機兼容, 它可以讓你接收和撥打電話、收聽音樂以及沿著你的路線執行導航指令

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Interphone Tour is also compatible with all types of helmets and is completely waterproof. It's equipped with a battery with a record life of over 20 hours that can be charged very quickly, thanks to Fast Charge technology. It's the perfect intercom for people who take long trips.

Interphone Tour適合所有類型頭盔,完全防水。 它配備了一個特長的電池壽命(超過 20小時,擁有快速充電技術), 係一個長途車通話者的完美需要。