HY FLY 義大利皮衣品牌
星際/BG代理的意大利HY FLY賽/跑皮衣,由於最高的性價比,上次到貨短短5天已經售完, 先剛剛到了新貨,有更多顏色可選。HY FLY是用最高級的1.2mm以上的牛皮,加上世界CE級別的認證,極人性化的設計,給你安全,舒適,美觀的連體皮衣,更為你配上對色, 對款式手套。 HY FLY更可以為你身形度身定做你心儀設計的皮衣,給你有更獨有的觀感。新貨量有限,秦盡早來試穿和採購。 Tel: 2310 8822

BG/Star Bike represented Italian New Road and Track leather Brand HY FLY , due to their extremely favourable Quality to value, the last shipment was sold in 5 days, Now, a new shipment of HY FLY leather suits has finally arrived with more colour combo and better protection. even with matching gloves.  HY FLY leather use top spec Cow Hide leather specially produced for Race leathers as Full race leather need to withstand high abrasion, tearing and puncturing, also all protectors are ALL CE approved with added Elbow sliders and Knee outer protector.

We can also tailor made your own suit for your fitting and desgin also at a great prices, interested parties, pls contact us for more details : Tel: 2310 8822


星際/BG剛剛拿到最新義大利皮衣/服裝品牌  “HY FLY”的中,港,澳地區獨家總代理, HY FLY所有產品都由義大利著名設計公司“FRANZANDESIGN”設計,品牌以性價比最高在歐洲大為流行,產品包括連體,分體皮衣,街/賽手套,皮樓,你離、尼龍騎行服裝

3月份第一批測試小批量在短短2周就售完,所有車友都極為讚賞和提出了寶貴的意見,現星際/BG再次到改良版新貨,仍以超高性價比回饋車友, 到貨數量有限,請盡早來試穿。

HY FLY 高級版有大量特點如:
專為摩托車賽道,街道使用的專業牛皮,有耐磨,高拉力, 並非一般的服裝,皮包品質的牛皮。

Franzan設計專為 DianeseNolanArai HJCOMPSuzuki 和其他世界品牌設計

Newly added to Star Bike/BG range of product is  Italian Apparal Brand "HY FLY" , Designed by the famous Italian "Franzandesgin" BG collection including 1, 2 pcs leathers, Gloves, Riding Jacket, Pants etc ...
HY FLY products aims at the best value for quality and provides all the Road & Track bikers a top value but top quaity protection for their street ride and Race Track days and Full races.
1 pc leather suit starts at HK$4000, its time for everyone to put on a suit for protection and looks the business : )

Special Feature for the HY FLY High spec 1 pc leather suit
- Cow Hide leather Specially produced for Racing leathers (not all leathers are Race suit usable as many for Bags and Shoe)
   Race leather need to withstand High Abrasion and Tearing.
- Total zip off lining for easy cleaning.
- End of sleeves/Leg bottom uses Neopran fabric for comfort.
- Sliders on Elbow for Pro racer and crash protection
- hard amor on outside Knee to protect knee and leather.
- soft fabric on collar yop to provide confort on neck.
- big hole perforation on all important parts to provide best ventilation.

Franzandesign designs for : Dianese,Nolan, Arai, Givi, OMP,Suzuki and many other World‘s top Biking brands
Please call 23108822 for try on.