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全新Versys 1000SE

2020 Z900RS/Cafe新花登場

2020 ZX-6R新色抵港

2020 Ninja 400三色抵港











2Kawasaki Ninja 400 ABS
滑動式離合器, 特低坐位, 多色選擇, 適合新牌, 男女均可, 新款有型, 容易操控, 馬力收放自如, 結合跑車與街車於一身, 毋庸置疑Born For Street! 



Pre- Order Specials:

We now take order for the below 2 models:

1. Z900 RS ABS, HKD123,000.- (3 colour: (1) Classic Orange (2) Matt Green (3) Classic Black)

2.Z900 RS CAFÉ ABS, HKD125,500.- (Classic Green)

3. Ninja H2 SX (HIGH GRADE) ABS HKD228,000.- (Sharp Green/ with 2 side cases)

For every pre-order of Z900 RS ABS and Z900 RS Café ABS on or before Dec 30 2017 will receive immediate HKD1000.- discount and for every pre-order of Ninja H2 SX (HIGH GRADE) ABS on or before Dec 30 2017 will receive immediate HKD2000.- discount.

Please take action now to enjoy this limited time offer.

Z125 /Z250SL 限時優惠


W800 Final Edition - Final Edition版本採用高級上油技術,用特種油漆分為4次覆膜烘烤的方式,用人手替油缸上漆。過程以專業噴漆技師通過熟練手工技巧分別進行一套以四次塗料和烘烤製作出獨特的光澤令色彩更感豐富。

Expect Arrival date: END OF OCT 2016

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首批2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310 Jet Ski 將於3月到港!!
 全新型號!!全新配備!! 全球最快!! 首創增壓310匹馬力!!