BMW Dynamic Brake Light動態煞車警示燈

05 July 2015 - 知識技術   Presentation: Dave   查詢:BMW HK

BMW電單車在2016年會把高級汽車常見的Dynamic Brake Light動態煞車警示燈功能引入電單車。R 1200 GSR 1200 GS AdventureS 1000 XR會在ABS Pro選購配件名單當中。K 1600 GTGTLGTL Exclusive便會列為標準設備。所謂動態煞車警示燈功能即是當緊急煞車時,煞車燈甚至指揮燈能自動急速閃動,讓其他道路使用者更易察覺你正在急煞,減低追撞意外的機會。

BMW Dynamic Brake Light的設定是:電單車的車速超過50km/h時強力煞車,迫力燈會自動急速閃動。如果煞車情況持續,當車速減慢至14km/h以下時,左右指揮燈會同步自動閃動,啟動死火燈功能。死火燈會持續閃動,直至車速重新提升至20km/h以上才會自動熄滅。從以上短片可以看到,有Dynamic Brake Light的確顯眼好多。

BMW Motorrad introduces dynamic brake light.Achieving an even higher level of safety by improving brake light warning function. ABS Pro incl. dynamic brake light available for six models from model year 2016.  Braking and being seen by the traffic behind is of essential importance for motorcycle riders. That is why BMW Motorrad has developed the dynamic brake light as a component of the Strategy “Safety 360°”. It can warn drivers of following vehicles even better about when the motorcycle in front of them is braking.

This additional brake light function, which is still limited to the EU / ECE area, warns following traffic in two stages when the motorcycle in front brakes hard or makes an emergency braking manoeuvre. Stage one is activated when the motorcycle decelerates from speeds above 50 km/h. In this case the brake light flashes with a frequency of 5 Hz. As the motorcycle approaches standstill (< 14 km/h), the hazard warning flashers are also turned on in the second stage. These remain turned on until the motorcycle accelerates again to a minimum speed of 20 km/h.


ABS Pro incl. dynamic brake light available for six models from model year 2016. - The dynamic brake light is available as an option ex works in conjunction with ABS Pro (in conjunction with the option “Ride Modes Pro”) from model year 2016 for the models R 1200 GS, R 1200 GS Adventure and S 1000 XR. The K 1600 GT, GTL and GTL Exclusive luxury tourers will feature this safety feature as standard from model year 2016 - as the ideal supplement to ABS Pro.

Compared to conventional ABS, ABS Pro goes a step further offering increased safety when braking in bends by allowing ABS-supported braking when banking. Here, ABS Pro prevents the wheels from locking even when the brakes are applied quickly; this reduces abrupt changes in steering force on shock-braking manoeuvres and stops the motorcycle from rearing up unintentionally. The benefits of ABS Pro to the rider are a sensitive response and a high level of brake and ride stability together with the best possible deceleration on bends.