Honda Project 2 & 4 @ 2015第44屆東京車展

Honda Project 2&4
(Powered by Honda’s MotoGP RC213V engine)

09 Sept 2015        Photo courtesy of Honda Press Service

Honda Project 2&4的開發理念是以頂級電單車引擎,配置四輛汽車的操控,配合開放式的駕駛席,定能提供獨特刺激的駕駛享受。這個project集結了 Honda最強的設計和工藝水準和無數腦汁而成。動力心臟來自Honda Moto GP戰車RC213V的999cc V4引擎,最高馬力是215ps@13,000rpm,扭力在10,500rpm超過12kg-m,並配置六速雙離合器波箱。
新車的外型和機器擺放位置,是參照Honda 1965年的賽車RA272 而來。
新車將會在2015年法蘭克福車展率先登場。車身呎吋相當緊湊,長闊高分別是3040mm、1820mm和995mm,車身重量只有405kg!結合輕量化車身和低重心車架,確保Honda Project 2&4的加速表現和彎向操控表現,都會令人讚嘆不已。
Embodying the concept of ‘creative craftsmanship', Honda Project 2&4 celebrates Honda's position as the world's leading engine manufacturer, providing engines to 28 million people per year across two- and four-wheel automotive, power equipment, marine and aerospace applications.
An example of the continuous effort by Honda to design an ever-more immersive driving experience, Honda Project 2&4 brings together the brand's unique capabilities in two- and four-wheel mobility. Featuring the RC213V competition motorcycle engine, which has been modified to run on public roads, Honda Project 2&4 provides the freedom of a motorcycle and the manoeuvrability of a car.
Its exceptional power unit, developed for the world-class MotoGP motorcycle racing series and specially tuned for the public road,  is a 999 cc V-4 four-stroke unit and conforms to Honda's ‘The Power of Dreams' guiding philosophy that inspires innovation and originality. Peak power output is over 215 PS at 13,000 rpm, while peak torque of over 118 Nm is delivered at 10,500 rpm. Transmission is provided by a six-speed DCT gearbox.
Inspired by the global creativity of one ‘Team Honda'
Over 80 designers and creators participated in the in-house ‘Global Design Project' competition, which is part of Honda's initiative to inspire creativity as one ‘Team Honda'.
The objective of the annual contest between Honda design studios is to challenge team and project members to share one goal and achieve high targets.
Honda Project 2&4 is an example of what this stimulating challenge can generate thanks to the differing qualities of each participant. Conceived by Honda's motorcycle design studio in Asaka and designed in collaboration with the automobile design studio in Wako, Honda Project 2&4 seeks to create an intense driving experience by combining the most thrilling elements of riding a motorcycle with the most engaging characteristics of driving a car. The result not only showcases the creativity flowing through Honda's design studios, but also challenges expectations of the future of mobility.
Conceived for immersive driving thrills
Drawing on Honda's racing heritage, the body design and engine position has been inspired by the legendary Honda RA272 of 1965. The structure reveals the core frame and functional parts of the car, much as would be more customary for a bike, and is similarly compact. Overall length is 3,040 mm, width 1,820 mm and height 995 mm.
A resulting weight of just 405 kg maximises the impact of the power of the mid-mounted engine which, together with the low centre of gravity, ensures an exceptionally high level of responsiveness.
The exhilarating feeling created from the open cockpit is significantly enhanced by the driver's seat, uniquely suspended just above the road.
The ‘floating seat' design places the driver as close to the action as possible, evoking the freedom of a bike and completing the immersion provided by Honda Project 2&4's extreme performance, 14,000 rpm red line and unique engineering.
Peak power output is over 215 PS at 13,000 rpm, while peak torque of over 118 Nm is delivered at 10,500 rpm. Transmission is provided by a six-speed DCT gearbox.
•Winner of Honda’s ‘Global Design Project’ to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show
•Cabin-less structure features a floating seat design for immersive driving experience
•Powered by Honda’s MotoGP RC213V engine, modified to run on public roads