2016 MV Agusta DRAGSTER RR
Lewis Hamilton限量版LH44

01 Mar 2016 新車查詢:文偉電單車中心

勇奪三屆F1一級方程式世界冠軍、自2007年一直效力於AMG車隊的路易斯.咸美頓 (Lewis Hamilton),也是一位電單車發燒友。因為AMG和MV Agusta的骨肉關係,所以Lewis Hamilton要推出特別版電單車,一定是MV Agusta的電單車。而Lewis Hamilton揀中的型號,是Dragster 800 RR。特別版名為LH44,全球只做244臺,香港代理文偉電單車中心搶到兩臺配額,當然全部俾人訂晒。買唔到LH44唔緊要,我地一齊睇下特別版有乜不同之處,然後再研究一下買部Dragster RR後期再改得唔得。

Dragster 800以直三引擎Brutale 800為藍本,配以全新車尾造型和更粗壯的200mm尾胎,是MV Agusta直三800機器第五款作品。而Dragster 800 RR的馬力加大了15hp,扭力也有增長。避震和其他配套用料也更精良。LH44特別版的珍珠白和44編號,取自Lewis Hamilton的比賽頭盔和戰車編號。
Dragster 800 RR LH44特別版的其中一個精髓,是原廠格仔紋止滑皮座墊,乘客部份更有Hamilton標誌。普通版想改為限量版,後天要仿效這張座墊的難度相當高。
Dragster 800RR頭燈上的小風擋有咸美頓的親筆籮簽名和限量版編號。呢樣真係冇得假,冒認他人簽名,即係行使假文件,係刑事罪行o黎架!
LH44限量版全車上下左右都貼滿了Lewis Hamilton的標誌,肯俾錢,做全套高仿貼紙唔係難事。但做得靚唔靚跟得足唔足便要看運氣。
LH44限量版車身左右成機器都有電鍍紅合金護蓋,一對牛角、車架兩側的保護片和車架都是電鍍的紅色。不止如此,在可能的地方都貼有Lewis Hamilton的標誌。
The intrinsic value of a hand-built Dragster RR featuring special parts and finishes will now be even higher as a collector's item. Never before has an F1 champion participated directly in the creation of a new motorbike, and the fact that it was an MV Agusta speaks volumes.  Lewis Hamilton was in very close contact with Castiglioni Research Centre for several months as they chose details, finishes and very exclusive accessories. The graphics are a good example: the pearl white colour scheme and panther logo are taken from his helmet, while 44 is his race number, which decorates the front and side of the bike, not to mention the ignition key.
The bike features countless examples of true craftsmanship, ranging from the Alcantara quilt pattern saddle to numerous parts made from Ergal (brake lever, handlebars, fuel filler cap, brake pump cover) with a special anodised red finish on the logos, frame, footpegs and spectacular spoked wheels. Other features of the Dragster RR LH44 include adjustable clip-on bars finished in matt black like the side stand, frame and footpeg plates.
Like an F1 car, most of the bodywork on the LH44 is made from carbon fibre with a matt 3K finish. This highly expensive, exotic material was used to make the front and rear mudguards, the screen, air box and side covers, exhaust heat shields, gear box and swingarm covers and sprocket guard. The similarities with F1 extend to the front of the bike, which is dominated by the race number 44 (incorporated into the limited edition ID plate on the 244 bikes) as well as the panther and Hamilton's signature.