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2013 杜卡迪 珠海國際賽車塲體驗日
2013 Ducati – Zhuhai International Circuit Track Day Experience

2013113杜卡迪賽車塲體驗日將會取消 ,由於未能達到包場人數,活動將延期至明年初。




Ducati Track Day Experience on 3rd November 2013 will be cancelled due to the number of participants did not meet the minimum requirement, therefore Ducati Track Day Experience will be postponed until early of next year.

We are apologise in advance for all the inconvenience caused.  We will keep all the info for next Ducati Track Day Experience updated by email, media website and Facebook.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

2013 杜卡迪 珠海國際賽車塲體驗日

主辦單位: 杜卡迪香港有限公司 / 杜卡迪香港車主會有限公司

包場人數: 20人起 (9前集齊人數如期舉行)

如有興趣報名及查詢,請電 +852 2838 5577

20人計算包場費用, 每位大約千元港元。如人數超過20, 多餘的錢會按比例退回。

九月三十日前不夠20人報名, 活動可能取消。


2013 Ducati - Zhuhai International Circuit Experience

Organizers: Ducati Hong Kong / Ducati Owners Club Hong Kong

Minimum requirement: 20 participants (event will be held if we collect enough bikers before end of September)

For application and further information, please dial +852 2838 5577

Track day fee, divided by 20 participants, each one will be around HKD6000. If we have more than 20 participants, we will refund the extra money.

If we did not receive 20 applications before 30th September, track day might cancel. Please feel free to contact us for details.

The above cost not including bike shipping charge