Kawasaki ZX-10R 連下兩城揚威09年泛珠三角秋季錦標賽Class I  - 22 Sept 2009

CSS BERINGER賽車隊在19-20 SEP 09的泛珠三角秋季錦標賽中,雖然只是第一次正式參賽,卻分別憑著ZX-10R和ZX-6R,在CL1和CL2奪冠而回,實在是超額完成,令贊助商們感到喜出望外。

在下文的車隊報告中,可以見到車手KAREEM FEE認為自己能在退下賽車手火線八年之後重執戰斧,都能再度獲獎的原因,很大程度歸功於KAWASAKI強盛的ZX-10R。

參戰的全新Kawasaki ZX-10R,連FULL SYSTEM的死氣喉也沒有,只是改換了一條SLIP-ON死氣喉、賽車啡呤、迫力皮和BT-003街胎便落場比賽。以一臺接近完裝規格的街道跑車,放落賽道上與其他高手同場競技。此舉除了說明Kareem藝高人膽大之外,也是對ZX-10R的放心和信任。



CSS Beringer Racing Team Takes the Kawasaki ZX10r to Double Victory

September 20, 2009

CSS racing team celebrates two first place wins in the Class 1 Open Superbike Class at the Zhuhai Pan Delta Autumn Race. CSS racer and Chief Instructor of CSS Kareem Fee, piloted a brand new 2009 Kawasaki ZX10r to victory in both Saturday and Sunday’s Superbike events.

In order to prove the great performance and potential of the new ZX10r, the Kawasaki was run in virtually standard condition, other than a slip on exhaust, race fairings, and Beringer brakes. We also raced with the new Bridgestone BT-003 performance street tyres instead of racing slicks, also to prove the performance of Bridgestone’s new technology which is available to street riders.

The race was run in dry weather but with sizzling heat, up to 35 degrees. It was a real a test of endurance for the racers to have to compete under these extremely hot conditions.  33 riders lined up on the grid, with Kawasaki’s lining up in first and second on the grid. Pole position was grabbed by Kareem Fee in the second qualifying session, after missing the first qualifying because of a fall in the first free practice on Friday. Second on the grid was Ahmad Zamani, veteran FIM Asia GP racer from Malaysia aboard the all new 2010 Kawasaki ZX6r. Japanese rider, Yuki Okabayaski, and Hong Kong’s Yu Chun Ho completed the front row.

At the start of Race 1, Kareem Fee got a good launch off the grid, but Zamani slipped the agile ZX6r underneath him on the brakes into turn 1. Immediately, Fee used the power of the 1000cc ZX10r to rocket past him coming out of the corner. The two were playing cat and mouse for the first three laps of the race, Zamani would take advantage of the light weight and fast corner speeds to catch up to Fee, and out brake him into the sharp hairpin corners, only to be passed immediately coming out of the corners by the huge horse power advantage of the mighty ZX10r.
After a while, Zamani looked to be a bit tired of working hard to get by Fee, only to get passed back right away with horse power, and settled in to follow him, hoping Fee would make a mistake. On the last lap of the race, Fee dove under a lapped rider entering turn one which gave him a safety gap which he held to the finish, spoiling a last lap attack from the veteran Malaysian pilot.

While the two Kawasaki’s finished 1st and 2nd, it was actually a race with different classes, so Zamani’s finish was actually the first prize winner for the Class 2, 600cc Superbike Class, Fee took the top honors with the 1000cc Class 1 victory.

Race 2’s start was similar to race 1 except this time Zamani broke out to a bit of an advantage on the first lap which Fee couldn’t make up on any of the straights. Zamani was on the run, making sure he got enough of a lead before each straight so the power of the ZX10 wouldn’t catch him.

Fee was sitting patiently following Zamani as the two had broken away from the rest of the pack.  By the 5th lap it was time for Fee to make a move. Fee started to get a bit more aggressive on the brakes, using the awesome stopping power of his Beringer brakes to start inching closer to Zamani. By the 7th lap he was right on Zamani’s tail, and coming down the start finish line he powered the ZX10r into the lead for the first time in the race which was welcomed by a big roar in the grandstands!

Learning from the first race, Zamani knew there was no chance to fight, as the power of the ZX10r was unfortunately too much to overcome with the 600cc bike. At the finish, Fee again crossed the line first, and Zamani on the ZX6r one second a drift, but still taking top honors for the 600cc Superbike Class.

CSS Racing Team had a dream weekend, with this being the first race for the CSS Racing Team, and also the first race for Kareem Fee after 8 years retirement! Coming back to a double victory makes it a truly special moment. It’s also a dream weekend for Kawasaki, taking two Double Victories in both Class 1 and Class 2!

The victory would not have been possible without the hard work of the CSS racing team staff, sponsors, supporters, and of course the awesome power of the ZX10r!