Triumph 2016 Speed Triple特別版 - Speed 94R

28 June 2015 心  新車查詢:文偉電單車中心

如果一提起Triumph直三引擎高性能街車的話,年輕車友可能只會想起675cc的Street Triple和Street Triple R。其實在Street Triple之前,排氣量達到1050cc的Speed Triple才是正宗。屈指一算,第一代Speed Triple面世至今已有21年。第一代Speed Triple T300在94年推出,走cafe racer路線。第二代Speed Triple T500在97年出現,開始偏向街車路線。

第三代Speed Triple T1050在2005年現身,劍指其他高性能街車對手,也直接引發出Street Triple 675的出現。車款在2008年經過改良,然後在2011年,Speed Triple也把招牌雙圓燈,換上扁長多邊型的頭燈,大哥的外型反過來被弟弟Street Triple 675R所影響了。來到2015年,Triumph呼應著1994面世的第一代Speed Triple,推出Speed 94和Speed 94R。

標準版Speed 94有Racing Yellow和Jet Black兩款顏色選擇。Speed Triple在車身和油缸上的徽章會採用當年第一代1994年的設計。副車架用色、排氣喉和車身其他細節會有改動。車頭的小風檔也會襯回車身顏色。Speed 94R除了擁有Speed 94的所有改動之外,更配備了全調式Ohlins頭尾避震、Brembo單件式制動卡鉗、Pirelli Supercorsa輪胎,配備和Speed Triple R看齊。

Speed 94 - The Speed 94 and Speed 94R unite both ends of the Speed Triple story, combining the modern Speed Triple engine and chassis package together with stylistic and visual elements of the very first, original Speed Triple from 1994. The result is, literally, the best of both worlds.

The heart of the Speed 94 and Speed 94R is a modern, fuel-injected three-cylinder 1050cc motor producing an astonishing 135PS and 111Nm of torque. The powerplant is matched to an aluminium trellis frame, beefy single-sided swingarm, fully adjustable 43mm upside-down Showa forks and monoshock, and Brembo radial calipers equipped with Triumph’s anti-lock brake system. The Speed 94 signature look is completed with a host of styling and design cues to echo the original 1994 Speed Triple, either in striking Racing Yellow or moody Jet Black, specially re-formulated to match the first Speed Triple paint schemes and finished with decals in the original Speed Triple script.

Exhaust - The twin silencers, wrapped in black exaust heat shields, sitbeneath the short, stubby tail section of the Speed Triple R and leave the rear wheel fully exposed on the right by the cool, singlesided swingarm. Not for looks, for real world sports bike riding. It just happens to look great.

CHASSIS - Controlling the Speed 94R monumental engine performance is a well established, tried and tested chassis setup consisting of an aluminium trellis frame, chunky singlesided swingarm, fullyadjustable Öhlins NIX30 43mm forks and monoshock, and Brembo radial calipers equipped with Triumph’s antilock brake system.

Frame - The frame is the same doubledtube, twin spar design recognisable from the 1997 model. Although the current version was updated in 2011, so it now uses the engine as a crucial frame component, making the chassis stiffer and lighter for a more focussed ride.

Riding Position - The Speed 94R is pure sports bike with a real world edge. So we designed the riding position for accurate control and aggressive performance in everyday riding situations. We set the bars low, the footrests in a rear set position and the seat is deeply shaped to keep you in position during hard use but still allows you to slide off the sides of the bike. It's a forward biased stance essential for keeping weight over the front of the bike, so you can feel exactly what the forks and tyre are doing and explore cornering limits, shifting weight to keep the front end in contact with the ground. All from a road going motorcycle that you can use in heavy traffic, slow speed town riding and occasional long distance trips.

Handling - So whether you’re cutting through an urban jungle or carving lines along country roads, the Speed 94R always have the motive force and responsive handling needed to stamp your authority on the ride.

Brakes - The highspec Speed 94R takes the Speed Triple concept to the ultimate level of chassis performance, adding uprated, blackanodized, fullyadjustable Öhlins NIX30 43mm forks, Öhlins TTX36 rear shock, Brembo Monobloc radial calipers, and sticky Pirelli Supercorsa SP tyres to the mix.